Vancouver Drug Policy

Vancouver’s drug strategy is a coordinated, comprehensive approach that balances public order and public health in order to create a safer, healthier community.

Known as the the Four Pillars, this approach to drug addiction – harm reduction, prevention, treatment and enforcement – was first implemented in Switzerland and Germany in the 1990s. In Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Sydney (Australia) and other cities, the four pillars approach has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of drug users consuming drugs on the street, a significant drop in overdose deaths and a reduction in the infection rates for HIV and hepatitis.

No one agency is responsible for the implementation of the Four Pillars Drug Strategy. It is a cooperative project that relies on the coordinated efforts of the Vancouver Agreement, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, the BC government, Health Canada, the Vancouver Police Department, Four Pillars Coalition members and the community, within their areas of responsibility.

Please visit our Four Pillars Policy page for more information about Vancouver drug policy.

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