SafeGames 2010, a consortium of organisations and businesses led by the SafeGames Project and the Vancouver based Keeping The Door Open Society, are working together to insure that those attending the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics celebrate safely while in town.

We are fortunate to have an expanding partnership of associated organisations with complementary skills in research, policy, education, response, and the provision of services to address a wide array of complex and overlapping health and behavioural issues.

Our Partners have contributed to fulfilling the mission of SafeGames 2010 in several ways, including: providing content for our materials, providing training and planning for our outreach teams, and providing strategic advice about how to enhance SafeGames’ overall effort. For a complete  list of SafeGames’ 2010 partners, organisational sketches, and links to their websites, please visit Partner Listings.

SafeGames 2010 Funders

Global Drug Policy Program

The Open Society Institute Global Drug Policy Program aims to broaden, diversify, and consolidate the network of like-minded organizations that are challenging the current state of international drug policy.

International Harm Reduction Program

The International Harm Reduction Development Program, part of OSI’s Public Health Program, focuses on diminishing the individual and social harms associated with drug use—particularly the risk of HIV infection—through innovative measures based on the philosophy of harm reduction.

City Of Vancouver

The Four Pillars Drug Strategy is a comprehensive, integrated strategy for addressing illegal drug use and the drug trade in Vancouver, particularly in the Downtown Eastside. Four main partners at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government are responsible for coordination and implementation of the Four Pillars Drug Strategy: the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Agreement, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vancouver Police Department.

Safety Works, Inc.

Safety Works is committed to serving the not for profit community by providing the most innovative safer sex, outreach and other harm reduction materials possible. They believe that delivering exactly the right product for the right situation can help change behavior.

Central City Foundation

For 100 years, the Central City Mission and Foundation have provided help and hope to the most vulnerable people in Vancouver’s inner city.

Office to Combat Human Trafficking

The Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP) has a mandate to develop and coordinate B.C.’s response to human trafficking. Goals of OCTIP include reducing and preventing human trafficking; identifying and protecting trafficked persons; coordinating services for trafficked persons; and contributing to national and international efforts, including prosecutions, to eliminate human trafficking

Kaiser Foundation

Founded 25 years ago, the Kaiser Foundation is a national organization designed to promote the understanding and importance of dealing with issues related to mental health and addictions as health issues.

Tides Canada

Tides Canada provides innovative philanthropic, financial, and project management services for change makers – philanthropists, foundations, activists, and civil organizations.

Safe Kit
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