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The SafeGames Project and  Keeping the Door Open Society are proud to be associated with these organisations and is grateful for all their help and support.

Short summaries of our Partners’ organisational efforts are detailed below.

AIDS Vancouver exists to alleviate individual and collective vulnerability to HIV and AIDS through support, public education and community based research.

SACY (School Age Children and Youth Substance Prevention approach) is a comprehensive substance use prevention initiative for youth that fosters a range of strengths-based, early intervention activities within schools. SACY is a partner project of the Vancouver Board of Education and VCH in collaboration with the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department, the University of BC and the Centre for Addictions Research of BC. Using relevant and unique approaches SACY is helping parents, teachers, students and others reframe and gain an understanding of drug use, youth culture and the root issues related to substance use.

Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIAprovides confidential, non-judgemental sexual health information, support & referral by phone & live webchat in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean on Mon/Wed/Fri evenings. ASIA Line is a program of the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIA) which promotes the health of Asian communities by decreasing the impact of HIV/AIDS though multilingual, culturally appropriate services that support informed choices and equal access to care.

Atira Women’s Resource Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the work of ending violence against women through providing direct service, as well as working to increase awareness of and education around the scope and impact on our communities of men’s violence against women and children.

BC Coalition of Experiential Communities The British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Women and Communities (BCCEW/C) is a consortium of sex worker activists who work to eliminate the oppressive systems and forces that create harm for individuals within the sex industry. It operates under the principle that members commit to creating an environment of inclusion and change.

BC Persons With AIDS Society exists to enable persons living with AIDS and HIV disease to empower themselves through mutual support and collective action. From our personal struggles and challenges come our courage and strength.


It takes an enormous amount of courage for a woman to stand up to abuse.  It takes courage for men to break the silence on violence against women.  It is obvious now that both have to be part of the solution.  Violence against women is expected to increase up to 36% in Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor during the Olympics.  Visit the website of Battered Women’s Support Services to learn more.

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is a national coalition of over 120 community-based AIDS organizations across Canada dedicated to strengthening the response to HIV/AIDS across all sectors of society, and to enriching the lives of people and communities living with HIV/AIDS.

Canadian Harm Reduction Network is the virtual meeting place for individuals and organisations dedicated to reducing the social, health and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies.

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network promotes the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, in Canada and internationally, through research, legal and policy analysis, education, and community mobilization.

Central City Foundation has been supporting safe affordable housing  and programs that enhance the lives of people in need in our inner city since 1907.  In 2009 Central City Foundation completed The Crossing at Keremeos, BC’s first long term residential treatment centre for youth, boys and girls, challenged by addiction.

Canadians for Safe Access works pro-actively with regional grassroots activists and local, provincial, and federal politicians to protect the rights of those who need cannabis for medical reasons as well as those who risk prosecution by supplying them.

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a national, grassroots, youth and student network. We provide the necessary education and resources to empower chapters formed by youth and students to work on substance use issues facing their community.

Centre for Addictions Research of BC is a provincial research network with a mission to create an internationally recognised centre, distributed across BC, that is dedicated to research and knowledge exchange on substance use, harm reduction and addiction.

The City of Vancouver’s Four Pillars Drug Policy of Prevention, Treatment, Harm Reduction and Enforcement advocates a comprehensive approach to mental health and addictions through policy development, public education and innovative projects, all of which is informed by evidence and driven by partnerships.

Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation is a non-profit organisation that raises funds to support innovative health care at the Dr. Peter Centre.

From Grief to Action is a not-for-profit association in BC working to promote recognition of drug use as a health issue; to raise public awareness of the needs and concerns of drug users and their families; and working towards overcoming stereotypes and marginalisation to provide and promote support for families and friends of drug users. is an SFU student initiative sponsored by the CMA Centre for Strategic Change and Performance Measurement. aims to
connect and support current and past SFU students from all faculties as they discuss the social problems they’re interested in, and
develop and implement solutions to bring about social change.

Health Initiative for Men is a community-based organisation dedicated to strengthening the health and well being of all gay men. HIM’s vision of health encompasses physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of gay men’s lives.

John Howard Society is an association of nine regional societies operating in 15 communities throughout the province. The society offers a wide range of programs and activities for adults and youths involved in conflict with the law.

Keeping The Door Open Society is a community coalition based in Vancouver that convenes public dialogues on the range of issues associated with problematic substance use in order to advance the public discussion and inform public policy about this complicated issue.

Pacific Community Resources Society provides special education, employment, addiction counselling and prevention services, housing search support, and cultural enrichment for children, youth, adult and families.

Panos Canada seeks to provoke public dialogue and media around critical global issues. Their latest project, the Vancouver Initiative for AIDS Innovation, aims to help create a strengthened Vancouver AIDS community, with more deeply-rooted global ties, and with a reinforced social justice image.

Portland Hotel Society is a non-profit organisation created in 1993 that works to advocate, develop and implement creative and responsive services for persons living with concurrent disorders.


Positively Positive – Living with HIV/AIDS is designed to create awareness around the many HIV and AIDS issues and promotes messages of positive living with HIV.

Positive Women’s Network is a partnership of women living with and affected by HIV/AIDS that supports women in making informed choices about HIV/AIDS and health. We provide safe access to support and education/prevention for women in communities throughout British Columbia.

RainCity Housing and Support Society offers a broad range of services and support for people living with mental illness, addictions, unresolved health concerns and complex housing behaviours.

SafeVibe is a social movement launched by Women Against Violence Against Women supporting a community of men and women who refuse to tolerate sexual predators in bars and clubs. It focuses on a collective decision to take care of each other, keep the party scene safe, and put an end to alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault.

The Vancouver Native Health Society provides a range of social programs and services for individuals and families struggling with HIV/AIDS, addiction, mental illness, homelessness and physical health problems. The underlying principle of all of their services and programs is to promote holistic and comprehensive care while providing culturally safe and improved access to all members of the Downtown Eastside community.

Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) is a group of users and former users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs through user-based peer support and education.

Watari is a community based organisation providing an array of support, counselling, outreach, referral, education and training programs to children, youth, families, and individuals in Vancouver, with a particular focus on marginalised communities. Our mission is to facilitate positive change in at-risk populations through the design and delivery of innovative services.

West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals brings together Vancouver sex workers to explore cooperative business models as a way to generate alternative sources of income, increase health and safety, build community capacity, and to take control of their collective destiny.

WISH Drop-In Centre is operated by women for the exclusive use of female survival sex workers and is a registered non-profit society that furnishes a variety of services within a nurturing and non-judgemental environment. In addition to meeting essential needs by serving nutritious, hot meals, providing showering facilities, dispensing make-up, hygiene items, and clothing, WISH offers on-site nursing care, referrals to detoxification centres, rehabilitation houses, and shelters for upwards of 150 women per night.


The BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Sexual Assault Service is a specially trained team of female doctors and nurses who provide healthcare  and emotional support to anyone 13 and over who has been sexually assaulted  within the last seven days.

YouthCo AIDS Society is Canada’s first youth-driven organization leading the HIV and Hep C movement through peer education, support, and shared leadership. Its peer-based education initiatives and support services seek to address the underlying factors that make youth vulnerable to HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C and assist youth in their efforts to make well-informed and safer decisions about their sexual health and substance use.

Youth a youth-driven organisation set up to work with young people from around the world to reduce the risks and harms associated with substance use. Youth RISE focuses on youth peer-to-peer leadership, with youth supported by mentors.

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