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SafeGames 2010 At Vancouver Olympics Presents

Global Insite: A Public Dialogue on Vancouver’s Innovative Response to the International Question of What to do About Drugs

WHEN: Friday 19th February 2010 // 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm; doors open 6.30 pm

WHERE: Japanese Language Hall487 Alexander Street @ Jackson Street, Vancouver


  • DR. ETHAN A. NADELMANN Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance; New York, USA
  • SENATOR PIERRE CLAUDE NOLIN, Senate of Canada; Ottawa, Canada
  • LIZ EVANS Executive Director, Portland Hotel Society; Vancouver, Canada
  • DONALD MACPHERSON Co-founder, Canadian Drug Policy Consortium; Vancouver, Canada
  • SHARON MESSAGE President, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users; Vancouver, Canada
  • TARA LYONS Executive Director, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Ottawa, Canada
  • GILLIAN MAXWELL Project Director, Keeping the Door Open Society, Vancouver, Canada

Dec 16, 2009 – SafeGames 2010 (, a consortium of organisations led by Keeping the Door Open Society (, working to ensure that Vancouver residents and international visitors celebrate safely during the Winter Olympics, is hosting a public dialogue on Vancouver’s innovative response to the complex issue of drug use this Friday, February 19th, from 7 – 9 pm at the Japanese Language Hall at 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver BC.

US based SafeGames’ founder Luciano Colonna said, “In light of the SafeGames mission, we have organised a panel of experts who will discuss the Canadian Government’s recent announcement that it will continue its efforts to close down Insite ( North America’s only legal safe injection site. Closing down Insite would only add to the problems of a community impacted by high rates of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and fatal overdose.”

Gillian Maxwell of ‘Keeping the Door Open Society’ commented: “Insite is a safe, health-focused facility where people can go to inject drugs and connect to health care services – from primary care to treat disease and infection, to addiction counselling and treatment.”

Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the New York based Drug Policy Alliance added “Insite is now the gold standard of public health responses to the issue of drug use. As one of Canada’s most important public health innovations, it is important to share its mission, vision, and values with the world.”

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SafeGames 2010 Project to Launch
During Vancouver Olympics

Volunteers To Distribute SafeKits – including 250,000 condoms – to Olympic Visitors

Dec 17, 2009 – SafeGames 2010, a consortium of more than 10 Vancouver community based organisations, is working together to ensure that those attending the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics celebrate safely.

Modelled on Salt Lake City’s successful SafeGames 2002 initiative, SafeGames 2010 will use a wide array of outreach and advocacy strategies. SafeGames’ teams will distribute incentives, including SafeGames SafeKits containing condoms, lube, hand heaters, glow sticks, and other incentives, informational cards, and referrals to local providers and resources at high traffic pedestrian corners; special events; and areas adjacent to vendor tents, clubs, bars, and hotels. A cornerstone of the efforts will be to promote responsible alcohol consumption, including health and safe use information, information about transportation, and referrals to support groups.

SafeGames 2010 will be staying very busy with an estimated 500,000 expected to attend the Olympics. SafeGames will be distributing over a quarter of a million condoms, informational packets and other harm reduction materials, through a team of 200 outreach workers. Outreach workers will be easy to identify during the festivities, as they will be wearing jackets and hats bearing the distinctive SafeGames 2010 logo.

SafeGames 2010 is a community-wide collaboration of non-governmental organisations, advocacy groups, and government agencies who will combine their specialised skills to educate and inform people about behaviour risks associated with drug use, alcohol consumption, and sex; and to provide them with strategies and information to reduce those risks.

SafeGames 2010 is designed both to provide a needed intervention to at-risk populations, and to take advantage of the opportunity to educate people who may not know about risks of their own behaviour. With an estimated half-million people from all over the world expected to take advantage of a wide array of cultural, arts, educational, and entertainment activities; and to visit local restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and entertainment venues, SafeGames 2010 outreach, activities, and message will reach a large audience.

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