Part 2

Prevention/Basics | English

A Brief Introduction to HIV and AIDS: What You Need to Know

Basic information about HIV, how it spreads, and how to protect yourself and others (8 min)

Prevention/Basics | Chinese

Mandarin Chinese: Introduction to HIV/AIDS

This video is in Mandarin and covers critical basic information about HIV and AIDS.

Prevention/Basics | Korean

Korean: Introduction to HIV/AIDS

This video is in Korea and covers critical basic information about HIV and AIDS.

Prevention/IDU | English

Preventing the Spread of HIV Through Injection Drug Use

Information about the connection between injection drug use and HIV (3 min 36s).

Prevention/IDU | English

Safe injection

How does harm prevention effect a neighbourhood?
— Reel Youth

Prevention/MSM | English

HIV Prevention for Men Who Have Sex With Men

Brief message for MSM about how to avoid contracting HIV (4 min).

Prevention/Sex | English

How To Prevent the Sexual Transmission of HIV

Basic information on avoiding contracting or transmitting HIV through sexual contact (6 min 25s).

Safe Sex | English

How To Have Safe Sex

Here’s how to stay safe….
— howcast

Sex Work | Spanish

In Focus Dominican Republic: Sex Workers Confront HIV

The HIV rates among sex workers in the Dominican Republic run three to 10 times higher than in the general population. Now some women in the region are uniting to take a stand against the virus. This video explores how sex workers are striving to educate others in the business on the dangers of the virus and the importance of using protection.
— Pulitzer Center

Stigma | Portuguese

Gay Men – Just like you – campaign against stigma and prejudice in Brazil

Raises the issue of the human rights of students, gay men, lesbians, people living with HIV, the Afro-Brazilians, sex workers, refugees, transsexuals and transvestites and drug users.

Stigma | English

Konnie Huq: “If I had HIV, would you kiss me?”

What would it take for you to kiss someone with HIV? If Konnie Huq was HIV positive, would you kiss her?
— British Red Cross

Stigma | English

A Video Marking National Coming Out Day 2007

For more information go to Watch this video and record a response telling us what inspires you to live you life openly and honestly.
— hrcmedia

Stigma | Russian

Marina, a woman living with HIV in Eastern Europe

Marina, a woman living with HIV in Eastern Europe, discusses stigma.

Stigma | Arabic

The testimony of an Arab woman living with HIV Aids

A series of actresses read the real testimony of a woman living with HIV/AIDS in the Arab world.

Stigma | Russian

Svetlana, a woman living with HIV in Eastern Europe

The roughly half a million people living with HIV in Russia brave a daily dose of discrimination. Despite laws protecting them from bias, many – like Svetlana, who lost custody of her younger brother – complain of ostracism and the deprivation of their most basic rights. (1min, 5s)

Stigma | English

Unless Your Company Looks Like This, There Is No Risk In Working With An HIV Person

French PSA (1min, 5s)

Stigma | Arabic

A Plastic Plate – HIV/Aids In An Arab Culture

A Plastic Plate – HIV/Aids In An Arab Culture

Stigma | English

Cambodia: Care and Comfort

International Reporting Project Fellow Matt Ozug reports on Buddhist monks taking up the cause of caring for victims of Cambodia’s AIDS epidemic, the worst in Asia

Stigma/Sports | English

Rugby Star Gareth Thomas On Coming Out

Welsh Rugby Star – Gareth Thomas on “coming out”.
— ITN News

Stigma/Sports | English

World AIDS Day – Magic Johnson Interview

Magic Johnson visits the World Bank, meeting with staff and World Bank President Robert Zoellic. He impressed on his audience the need for continued awareness of the severity of HIV/AIDS and encouraged everyone to get tested for HIV/AIDS.
— World Bank

Youth | English

Teenagers & Contraception

Teenagers talk about contraception and an expert explains the contraception options available.
— NHS Choices

Safe Kit
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